Formulation of natural cosmetics

The popularity of natural cosmetics is constantly growing. This is due to the growing awareness of consumers about the negative impact of synthetic substances on the human body and the natural environment, as well as the growing knowledge about the high effectiveness and multidirectional effects of natural raw materials on the skin.

Plant extracts are an important group of active ingredients used in formulation of natural cosmetics. Due to the varied physicochemical properties, various types of plant extracts require the use of an appropriate method of introducing them into the cosmetic product. The Workshop will present the types of plant extracts used in the cosmetics industry. Participants will have the opportunity to independently prepare a formulation for a washing cosmetic and a cosmetic emulsion, as well as learn the methods of introducing plant extracts into the recipe depending on their physicochemical properties.

The workshop will be conducted by the employees of the Cosmetology Department and scientists working within the Biomedical Research and Service Center of UITM in Rzeszów, Poland.


Participation in this workshop costs 150 PLN/35 Euro
for registered participants of the 2nd NCIM.

Space is limited to 20 participants.

Participants will receive personalized certificates of participation
in the workshop and the samples of self-made natural cosmetics.

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