Innovative cosmetic ingredients: from tradition to innovation
– new approach to botanical extracts (by Urtica Technologies)

The history of using plant-based ingredients in cosmetics goes back many centuries. For millennia, various botanicals were used to prepare infusions, oils, tinctures, baths and other preparations of which many are useful until now. What is more, these days they are appearing in modern cosmetic formulations more frequently, among others, as a result of customer anxiety about chemical and synthetic ingredients.
The main emphasis of the workshop will be unveiling the potential of botanical extracts as a new generation of cosmetic ingredients, with an effort to provide deeper knowledge about types of bioactive substances, methods of extraction, biological activities and use of plant extracts in cosmetic formulations.
The Workshop will be held by representatives of Urtical Technologies – Polish company based in Gdańsk, Poland, specialized in the production of plant extracts, hydrolates and essential oils for cosmetic formulations. Please see the company website for more information:
Participation in this workshop is free for registered participants of the 2nd NCIM.
Participants will receive personalized certificates of participation in the workshop.
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