Innovative cosmetic ingredients:
bioferments in skin care products (by Orcideo)

The workshop will focus on innovative cosmetic ingredients that support the skin microbiome, obtained by biofermentation. The topics of the workshop will be based on the principles of appropriate selection of biofermented raw material for the type of skin and possible commercial use. Biofermented products are an increasingly common group of raw materials, which includes both the fermentation of plant raw materials and microbiome stimulants that give very interesting properties to cosmetics. Appropriate selection of bioferment therefore seems crucial to give the cosmetic better care properties, and the proposed workshops are the best opportunity for this.

The Workshop will be held by representatives of Orcideo – Polish company based in Tyczyn, Poland, specialized in the production cosmetics containing traditional active ingredients as well as innovative bioferments supporting skin microbiome . Please see the company website for more information:

Participation in this workshop is free for registered participants of the 2nd NCIM.
Participants will receive personalized certificates of participation in the workshop.



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