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Question to Prof. Ilkay Erdogan Orhan: Which activity tests are in your opinion and experience the most important and relevant in screening for new natural cosmeceutical agents?

Answer: It totally depends on your target or what kind of natural cosmetic product you want to develop. For example; skin-bleaching cosmetics are more demanded in Far East, Middle East, and African countries, whereas anti-aging cosmetics, anti-wrinkle products in particular, are more in demand by the western women. Under the conditions available in our lab, we have been working on both type of activity. As I mentioned in my talk, we have recently focused on anti-acne products, which is more general problem all over the world. In this regard, we also collaborate with different groups and try to develop more effective and modern formulations with deeper skin-penetrating property at lab scale.

Question to Alex Ciepiela ( Natural cosmetics are gaining popularity in Europe. Are they also popular in China?

Answer: Yes, the consumers in China want to use and consume more natural products but have a different perception and definition of what is natural and high quality.

In China, everyone uses natural medicine and herbs. They are sold in special shops dedicated to traditional Chinese medicine. Consumers are used to brewing and preparing natural products by themselves and believe that the best herbal products come from China.

When buying cosmetic products from foreign countries the first things that the Chinese buyers look at are:

– long expiry date. High-quality products must last a couple of years. After half of the shelf life passed nobody will pay the full price for a cosmetic

– rich packaging. It must be shiny, it must contain a lot of glass, plastic, and it must look expensive.

– strong and proven effects. Traditional Chinese medicine can work slowly, foreign products must give immediate results.

Considering the expectations of the Chinese consumers it is not easy to sell natural products dedicated to the European markets.

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